We help you connect with intoxicated strangers from all over the world.

  • Users require a compatible1 smartphone breathalizer & blow over .08 to connect
  • Connect based on specific filters such as: gender, country, blood alcohol level
  • Save your favorites & chat with them at a later date
  • Notify your favorites that you're about to start drinking so they can join

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Exclusively For Intoxicated People

All users must blow a .08 in order to enter the application. Anything below that & they'll be refused entry. All users must utilize a compatible1 smartphone breathalyzer in order to enter.

100% Completely Anonymous

Your identity will never be revealed unless you do so yourself in a conversation. We're not responsible for what you say whilst Buzzed.

Invite Friends & Chat Anonymously

Import your contacts or invite your Facebook friends to Buzzed. Once they're here, you will not be able to identify each other when in conversation.

Search & Connect via Filters

Multiple search filters allow you to connect based on traits such as gender, country or even blood alcohol level. If connected with someone who is more Buzzed than you, simply skip!

Intuitive Notification System

Be notified when your favorites start to drink so that you're able to join them.

Reconnect With Your Favorites

If you enjoy the conversation with your chatting partner we give you the option to save them to reconnect next time you're Buzzed.

Save & Share Hilarious Convos

Think Buzzed you is funny? You can easily save each conversation as well as have the ability to share it via social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this sort of irresponsible?

No, we're actively saving friendships & relationships.

Does Buzzed encourage drinking?

We encourage our users to communicate only with people who want to talk to them whilst intoxicated.

How do I download the app?

We’re currently in BETA & accepting requests. To request to join our BETA simply enter your email address in our subscription form. The app will be available on both iPhone & Android.

How do you ensure all users are Buzzed?

The only way for users to enter the application is by using a compatible1 smartphone breathalyzer & blowing over .08.

Do you have a paid version of the application?

We're currently developing a paid version of Buzzed that will allow users to engage in video & audio conversations.

I don't have nor can I afford a smartphone breathalyzer, is there any other way to connect?

At this point in time no, however we are experimenting with a few other innovative solutions that will ensure only intoxicated people can join the conversation. Stay tuned.

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Our Story

Intoxicated people love sending messages to others. The issue is that most people hate receiving them. They say "Mat, you've really got to stop spamming me incoherent thoughts when you're drinking or I'll have to block your number" like it's going out of fashion. So like a true entrepreneur I saw this as a problem that needs fixing. Not the incoherent, alcohol fueled spam, but the communication problem.

Buzzed was created by Mathew Carpenter, an entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia who has a complicated relationship with beer, wine & spirits. Buzzed was launched & went into BETA in early 2015.

Mathew Carpenter


What do people think?

As someone who texts a lot whilst drinking, this is an absolute life saver. #whydidntithinkofthat

Callum Chapman London, UK

My friends love the idea because now it means they don't have to decipher my drunk messages.

Jacques van Heerden Johannesburg, South Africa

I spend more time on Buzzed than Facebook and Twitter. I think that's a good thing.

Dorota Pankowska Toronto, Canada

Mat has created an application that I've wanted and needed for years. #gamechanger

Dan Walker Nottingham, UK

Whenever I'm having a few drinks Buzzed is the only thing I use on my phone.

Shanelle Mullin New Brunswick, Canada

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